• Don’t try anything new on the day (including new shoes!): Stick to what you know (and what you have practiced in training) and you will have a great day (if you are running for a charity make sure you have a couple of training runs in your new charity shirt).


  • Name: Make sure you have your name on your vest; having people shout your name is like having your own personal support team with you’re the entire way!


  • Give yourself time to get to the start: It always takes longer than you think to get to the start of the race so arrive in plenty of time to relax and soak up the atmosphere (make sure you pack your kit the day before and don’t forget your number!).


  • Energy & Hydration: Make sure that your energy levels are high and you are fully hydrated prior to the race. On the day before make sure you eat well (complex carbohydrates, porridge pasta, rice, potatoes are the runners favourites). On race day make sure you give yourself time to have breakfast (don’t overdo it but favourites include porridge & fruit juice).


  • Throw-Away: You could be waiting around for some time prior to the start of the race so take something to wear that you don’t mind throwing away (a bin liner is my personal favorite), and avoid overhydrating; you don’t want to be the one stopping for a wee at 1 mile!


  • Little, Often & Early: Start taking on fluids and nutrition early into the race and keep it up throughout the run but, make sure you avoid overloading the gut but consuming little (sips & snacks).


  • PACE: stick to your schedule; avoid going out too fast with the crowd (be realistic about your target time and select the appropriate starting pen). Success from your long runs in training is the best predictor of Marathon pace.


  • One foot in front of the other: that’s all there is to it. Break up the run into each individual mile; setting short-term targets means that you will continue to be successful. Your target is simply to run the next mile.


  • Smell the roses: After all the hard work in training don’t forget to ENJOY the experience and celebrate your success, you deserve it.


  • Don’t Panic! Your training will deliver success. Avoid making poor decisions prior to, or during the run. Stick to your plan and you will enjoy the finishing crowds.

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